City of Ice Cream Love

In celebration of completing my first grad school paper, I treated myself to some of the best ice cream in town. While I would suggest first time visitors to Philly should try Franklin’s Fountain, I don’t often find myself in Old City. Instead, I went to Scoop DeVille. Don’t let the bright pink walls throw you off, this ice cream is not just for little girls. With every topping imaginable to swirl into your ice cream of choice, you can create any variety of flavors your heart desires. This week I tried their pumpkin purée and chocolate covered pretzels in vanilla yogurt — perfect for the fall! I also must add that there is a wonderful gelateria chain here, called Capogiro, which has very unique flavors and great texture. In fact, National Geographic named it one of the top ten places to eat ice cream in the world!

Franklin’s Fountain. Note the beautiful pulley system the fans use!

Scoop DeVille