Make It Happen

Last night I explored South Philly, or at least checked off a few culinary must-haves. The second year HSPV students hosted a mixer for the first-year’s at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, which is conveniently located next to two of the most well-known cheesesteak rivals: Pat’s and Geno’s. As a vegetarian, I enlisted my roommate to test them out. While Geno’s is quite flashy, Pat’s has a more authentic atmosphere, and so she decided to try theirs first. The results: she never knew a cheesesteak could taste so good (she had previously been to Jim’s), and so the search stopped there. Perhaps I will make this a series and ask her to try all the others!




Onto dessert! Conveniently located next door is Rim Cafe — also known as chocolate heaven. Want espresso? Cannolis? Crepes? Well, you’re going to have to settle for all of these with the special touch of Rene, the French owner who makes chocolate blocks filled with fruits, nuts and spices and grates them over all of his menu items. You also have never had real hot chocolate until you’ve had the Volcano — Rene fills the glasses with home-made whipped cream first, so that when he adds the hot chocolate, the cream “lava” flows over. Don’t worry, he’ll add the chocolate blocks to these too, all the while saying the café motto: “Make it happen!”

Rene at Rim Cafe