Bailout or Recovery?

First, congratulations to everyone accepted yesterday into the program! Jumping a year ahead, be sure to register for Donovan Rypkema‘s course, Preservation Economics, next spring to learn how to win debates against the Ron Swanson’s of the world.

In this week’s Parks and Recreation episode, Leslie Knope advocates for designating the local movie-rental shop in order for it to gain tax credits and enough financial support to remain open. Though she presented a persuasive argument and garnered enough community support to consider the shop culturally valuable, Ron Swanson attacked her plan as a government bailout. Rypkema will arm you with information that would convince such Swanson’s of the tangible and intangible values associated with preservation efforts and how preservation directly benefits downtown economic revitalization.

For now, we look forward to seeing you at the Open House in April!