A Midsemester Night’s (lack of a) Dream

Studio reviews were last week — and a full two-hour presentation nearly skimmed the surface of our work. My studio comprises a group of ten students working on a preservation plan for Atlantic City. The draft of our goal is:

To create a plan for preservation policy and planning for the City of Atlantic City that recognizes the cultural values of the city’s historic environment and architecture and guides revitalization initiatives with respect to the cultural values evident in the historic built environment. By leveraging the city’s existing cultural assets, this approach will realize the potential of historic preservation to mitigate social and economic inequities and strengthen Atlantic City’s unique cultural identities and diverse ideologies to strategically repair and restore urban fabric. This will establish a framework for managing change and advocate for the role of preservation in managing urban change and adapting to 21st century demands.

We presented our analysis of the history, character, demographic data, existing policies and stakeholders, and comparable cities. The rest of the semester we will be creating individual interventions of various scales (regional vs. neighborhood vs. building) and activities (conservation overlay vs. revitalization plan vs. adaptive reuse). I will add another post at the end of the semester with our results!

AC of the Past

AC of the Past

AC of the Present

AC of the Present


Some of my studio members with GIS maps of the city's demographics.

Some of my studio members with GIS maps of the city’s demographics.


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